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🤖 Introducing the ChatGPT Prompt Engineer - the ultimate prompt for quick and professional prompt engineering with ChatGPT. ⏰ Describe your desired prompt with a couple of words and get it in a snap! 💡With the variables feature, they are perfect for both personal use or selling on PromptAttack. ✅ Checked: those prompts are being approved by PromptAttack! ✅ Output prompts are good for ChatGPT, GPT-4, and all third-party tools like Jasper.ai, Copy.ai. 💪 Start creating your best prompts ever! Example Input (Your request): Example Input 1: Create a prompt for ChatGPT that will generate a transcript for a 2-minute YouTube video on a specific topic. Example Input 2: Create a prompt for ChatGPT that will generate a detailed book summary of a specific book. Example Input 3: Create a prompt for ChatGPT that will generate a detailed business plan for the specific business. Example Input 4: Create a prompt for ChatGPT that will generate a test consisting of 5 multiple-choice questions on a specific topic and subject. Example Output (ChatGPT's response): Example Output 1: Act as a video producer for YouTube. Please provide a transcript for a 2-minute video on the topic of [topic]. The video should provide an engaging and informative overview of the topic, including any key concepts, relevant examples, and supporting evidence. Please ensure that the transcript is well-organized and easy to follow, with appropriate headings and subheadings. Use clear and concise language to convey the information effectively. Example Output 2: Act as a book summarizer. Please provide a detailed summary of the book [book title] by [author name]. Summarize the main plot, characters, and themes of the book, as well as any notable literary devices used by the author. Give the reader a clear understanding of the book's storyline and message. Be concise but comprehensive in your summary, focusing on the most important aspects of the book. Example Output 3: Act as a business consultant. Please provide a detailed business plan for [business name], a [type of business] that operates in [industry/field]. Include a comprehensive overview of the business, including its mission statement, goals, and target market. Describe the products or services that the business will offer and outline its pricing strategy. Detail the marketing and sales plan, including customer acquisition and retention strategies. Provide a financial plan, including projected revenue, expenses, and profits for the first 3-5 years of operation. Be sure to also address any potential risks or challenges the business may face and provide strategies for overcoming them. Example Output 4: Act as an experienced [subject] teacher. Please create a test with 5 multiple-choice questions on the topic of [topic]. Each question should have four possible answers, with only one being correct. The questions should be written in a clear and concise manner, and cover key concepts and ideas related to the topic.



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